Thursday, April 07, 2011

North Carolina Legislate to Limit Muni Broadband is Neither Fair Nor Level

Last week House Bill 129 was passed by the North Carolina House of Representatives, and it is now making its way through the Senate.  This piece of legislation’s sole purpose is to protect the incumbent service providers in the state in areas where they cannot afford to make investments for advanced broadband services.  It unfairly limits municipalities ability to drive economic growth and stimulate competition in the communications marketplace.  States that enact this type of legislation are limiting their long-term growth capabilities.  Competitive content and service providers need to band together to support municipal broadband as an alternative method to deliver their services and content.  The best way to ensure net neutrality is through greater competition. 

I have written a longer editorial on the topic in the news section at Inphotonics Research.  Please read it and provide any feedback you feel fitting.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Where Are Your Blog Posts?

You may have noticed that I have not posted anything on my blog since mid-December.  Instead, I have been posting commentaries to the articles I post on Inphotonics Research.  Every day I post and article or two to the news page of our company’s site, and I will add my comments to the story.  I post articles relating to municipal and rural broadband on this page.  There is an RSS feed associated with this page to make it easy to track new articles.

I will continue to publish a blog post or two each month to this page, but they will be on other telecom related topics like net neutrality or carrier strategies.  Feel free to request a topic that you would like for me to expound upon. 

In the mean time, I was sent a link to this YouTube video posted by Ogilvy Asia for a Taiwanese bank.  Normally I hit the 30 second skip ahead button on the remote or only watch the beer commercials e-mailed to me.  I started watching this one, and I was compelled to finish it.  This advertisement struck a chord in me to remind me that the human spirit is much stronger than societal norms.  I am including it on my blog for your enjoyment and as an interlude until my next post.