Sunday, February 05, 2006

BroadVoice LNP to be Completed on February 7

I received confirmation from BroadVoice on Friday that my local number portability request from Vonage will be completed on Tuesday, February 7. Finally! It took almost 90 days for the request to be completed. As I mentioned two blogs ago, this took way too long. I am a little apprehensive now that the date is at hand. BroadVoice still has its problems…many of them. Yesterday I lost all service because something mysterious happened to my ATA. I had to factory reset it to get dial-tone again, and then I had to reconfigure several parameters again. I went through initial problems with Vonage in the early days. I don’t know if I want to go through it again.

Vonage is a great POTS replacement service. I am not leaving them for any other reason other than I want more features. BroadVoice has a slew of features that Vonage is missing. Although I would not call BroadVoice a POTS replacement service yet. Hopefully they will bring it along. I will miss Vonage’s Click-2-Call capability for Firefox and Outlook. BroadVoice does not have a similar capability, and I have not been able to get their Outlook integration to work.

The bottom line is that my LNP request should not have taken 90 days. I hope that I don’t switch providers again for a long time.

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  1. at least you got your number ported in 90 days. it took them 90 days to tell me it failed - the names on the accounts dont match - EVEN THOUGH I SENT IN BILLS FROM VONAGE AS REQUESTED. now they want me to start the process over - yeah right

  2. Well I signed up with Broadvoice NINE (9) MONTHS ago and they still have not ported my number. Everytime I ask them they tell me that "it is out of our hands". Furthermore they can't even give me an estimated date. Can't something be done??

  3. The problem is not usally on the side of the carrier where the number is ported to. The carrier/CLEC you are leaving has to port the number to the new carrier, and they have no incentive to be quick about it.

    You still have time to find a new VoIP carrier if you are having problems with Broadvoice. I wasn't lucky enough to be in your shoes. By the time I wanted to leave them, I received confirmation that my port would be complete.

    I am not impressed with Broadvoice's service or customer service.

  4. Best of luck in you port.