Thursday, June 29, 2006

Net neutrality amendment dies/Telecommunications bill goes to Senate without provision sought by Web firms

In a sign of common sense, the Senate committee voting on the latest telecom legislation decided to shelf the net neutrality ammendment. Apparently they want more time to study the issue to make intelligent legislation. For now this means that the Internet remains as it should: unregulated.

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  1. Okay Scott, I'll take a look at your sites and see if I want to write something else on the subject. I picked up this topic many months ago before it was deeply in the public eye and more of an internal industry issue. Now that it is on the lips of anyone that has Internet access, I am finding it difficult to find fresh things to say about it. The fact that this topic is a concern inside the Beltway is what really scares me.

    If you could find a way to link to me I would be very greatful. The purpose of my blog is to address issues in the industry from a common sense point-of-view.

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  2. Scott:

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