Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Future of User Generated Content

image On October 10, Silicon Flatirons held a forum entitled "The Future of User Generated Content."  The three panels contained some very intelligent speakers from mostly traditional media outlets.  There were a couple of "new" media representatives like ManiaTV.  As expected issues such as copyright law, fair use, DRM, network neutrality, and business models were discussed.  Although I was hoping for a lively discussions about how "new" media was going to disrupt "traditional" media, the panelists focused on how their company understood "new" media and would capitalize on it. 

I would have preferred to hear a more lively discussion on where the future of user generated content is going and how it would change the models for content creation, distribution, and revenue generation.  How would "traditional" media be impacted by this disruption?  They really needed some panelists like Jeff Pulver, Adam Curry, or Mark Zuckerberg to stir up the pot.

I like Silicon Flatiron functions, but they often reinforce the status quo instead of introducing innovation or dealing with controversy.  How about a panel between Comcast and the EFF for the next one?

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