Saturday, October 01, 2005

Getting Starting

Everyone is blogging these days. People with opinions, people without opinions, people that should keep their opinions to themselves, CEO and other C-levels to the engineers getting the work done. Why shouldn’t I? Even though I have enough going on, why not take on another task? Since Google is good enough to provide this opportunity for free, I may as well take advantage of it. The only thing I have to lose is my time. You have guessed by now that I am going to focus on telecommunications industry issues. I'll tackle everything from emerging services like VoIP and IPTV to how the U.S. can once again lead the world in communications. Since my experience is with the development and marketing of telecom products, I'll discuss what is lacking in how we (the industry) market products and services. Feel free to post comments on my musings. I don't mind criticism and accolades when due. Future Topics:
  • Vonage Who?
  • Decoupling Services from the Pipe: It’s the Content, Stupid!
  • The Wireless Companies Could be Poised to Win the Business Market

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