Monday, June 28, 2010

Vendors Picking Up the Slack

The shift of vendors assuming a greater responsibility started occurring when carriers started reducing costs by offering early retirement packages to their most experienced employees. This left an experience void with many carriers that the vendors filled with their employees' expertise. In reflection, the vendor community sees this as an opportunity to "partner" with their customer to deepen the relationship.

in reference to: Shifting Ground, Changing Roles (view on Google Sidewiki)

US Senate committee approves Internet close-down bill by vocal acclaim. Well, saves the fuss of a vote, doesn't it?

Leave it to a bunch of Brits to point out how we continue to circumvent our democratic system.  TelecomTV, along with many other publications, reported that the Senate has passed a bill that will allow the president to shut down the Internet in the United States for up to 120 days without any Congressional approval.  The passage of this bill occurred with no mention in the mainstream media, which is not surprising since they still view the Internet as a threat to their arcane business models.  The bill was passed with a simple voice vote despite protests from many civil libertarian groups and the fact that the majority of the public is against giving the president this level of control without any checks.  Once again it just proves that the current Administration and Congress are not in office to represent the American people and what is best for the economy.  I find it hypocritical that Joe Lieberman and Hillary Clinton publically denounce China for having that same control over the Internet that they are pushing through Congress.  Let’s hope that we can persuade the House not to pass their version of the bill.