Monday, August 14, 2006

Microsoft Offers Software to Simplify Blogging

The latest beta version Microsoft Live Writer was released today according to CNET's  Writer is suppose to simplify the sport of blogging for those that are not familiar with HTML coding.  I have been reluctant to download Vista or the new version of Office for fear of trashing out my mobile office.  I was less reluctant to download Writer.

After a quick download and install, I found that the software is very simple to use.  The interface is intuitive for web experts and novices.  I created this article using Writer in just a couple of minutes without the typical HTML tweaking that I have to do once posted to Blogspot.  Inserting links just as easy as in Word or FrontPage. 

Why would you use Write over Word, FrontPage, or a web application?  Because it is a simple application that hides the complexity of blogging for the typical blogger.  Its WYSIWYG editor lets you see what the post will look like before posting it.  Inserting links, pictures, and maps is a breeze.  Changing the layout does not require an HTML expert either. 

Let's hope that Microsoft keeps this tool free to drive people to their Live Spaces service.

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