Monday, September 11, 2006

Fall VON is Upon Us

Many interesting conferences and conventions begin today in our industry, but the one valuable conference that has real value begins today in Boston. Of course I am talking about Fall 2006 VON. Jeff Pulver's efficacious meeting that brings together traditional telephony with new media and the Internet. There will be the usual waxing on about IMS and convergence, but the real action will be around IP peering and IPTV. There is revenue and real business models around these topics. Jeff threw in a session on Net Neutrality which is near and dear to our hearts although I am not sure that the panelists will generate that much productive discussion or controversy. The blogger session at the end of the conference expects to be interesting, but isn't it just more industry perspective? Hopefully they will discuss how they utilize blogging to affect the industry. All in all expect for a very informative and productive conference. I always look forward to attending especially Jeff's parties.

I started using the new Windows Live Writer software to prepare my articles. Its basic features allows me to focus on writing on the article instead of formatting it. I ran into a glitch when I upgraded my blog to the new beta version of Blogger. Unfortunately, Live Writer does not yet support Blogger beta. I hope to see a new version of Live Writer beta that supports Blogger beta. The Live Writer forum indicates that it is coming soon!

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