Sunday, February 03, 2008

NFL Gone Wild

Funny that my second post of the year is more of a rant than something significant, but the situation is indicative of our desire to make money by copyrighting and patenting everything in sight.  Once again this year, the NFL is  stopping churches with TV larger than 56" from showing the Super Bowl (Techdirt: Super Bowl Intellectual Property Insanity: No Big Screen Super Bowl Parties, Trademarking 19-0).  Are they that greedy that they have to shake down churches for licensing and performance fees although some of the mega-churches can afford it?  What is even more amazing is that the New England Patriots have attempted to trademark "19-0."  Will math teachers have to stop giving out subtraction problems of 19-0 unless they properly reference the trademark?  Where will all of this insanity end?  We need to apply some common sense to our patent and trademark laws for the greater good of innovation and business.

This article was written without the express permission, either implicit or implied, of the NFL or any of is affiliates.

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  1. I hope the Patriots bought that 19-0 trademark. Maybe they can use it next year:) - A Colts Fan