Friday, April 23, 2010

Why Boulder Is Ideal for 1 Gbit/s Broadband Network from Google

I started this article weeks ago before the RFI was due and never found the time to finish it.  The problem was that there was too much content to keep confined to a short article.  After looking at my draft and realizing that readers, including Google, did not want to read a 10,000 word explanation, I condensed it to a bullet list.  So here are the reasons that Google should choose Boulder, Colorado to for their Google Fiber for Communities Project:

  1. 69% of our residents have bachelors’ degrees or better
  2. We have the highest per capita number of software developers in the nation
  3. Boulder ranks #3 in the number of inventors
  4. Boulder ranks #7 in the number of entrepreneurs
  5. 10% of our businesses are home-based and over 25% of people work from home
  6. Home to the $100 million SmartGridCity™, the nation’s first fully integrated electricity system
  7. Seven federally funded laboratories
  8. University of Colorado at Boulder
  9. Industries such as green energy companies, biosciences, health care, foods, clothing and footwear, outdoor and biking companies, electronics manufactures, computer companies, storage companies, defense contractors, venture capitalists, and several other industries but let’s not forget Google!
  10. Silicon Flatirons Center as a center for telecom and technology debate and discussion
  11. Telecom companies with several decades experience building last-mile fiber networks including working with leading edge vendors and operation of these networks
  12. Many Existing facilities to support the build-out of the network
  13. 96% broadband penetration so we know how to use bandwidth
  14. Headquarters to a few globally known advertising, public relations, and media firms
  15. More Asian restaurants per capita than San Francisco or New York

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